Sore Losers Expansion

We thought Golf could use a little more ‘fun’ so we’ve created this zany ‘Sore Losers’ expansion! A special thanks to Dice Tower East and convention attendee Zhi, who came up to our booth and suggested we create ‘battle’ cards for the game.  

While we are focused on offering the most realistic tabletop golf game for all the golf enthusiasts who love our game, we thought a little zany fun couldn’t hurt anyone.  So, for those who are looking to add a little whimsy to the game, you can now print and play the new ‘Sore Losers Expansion’.

We are also open to other possible Sore Loser card mechanics, so if you have any ideas, please email them to us at with subject line ‘Sore Losers’.

Thank you, please share any pics or videos using the cards with your group.