Table Golf Association – Pro Edition

The TGA ‘Pro-Edition’ is now in stock! Order now and get the original edition with 25 double-sided wooden tiles.
Plus, you can save $10 from the retail price of $95. Only 1 per customer and only available to ship in the United States.


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This is it! The ultimate golf dexterity game that everyone is talking about.  This is the premium Pro-Edition that comes with 25 double-sided wooden tiles.  These heavy duty wooden tiles are 5″ across and 5mm thick for a lifetime of gameplay!

Now you and your friends can gather around the kitchen table for the most realistic golf game you’ll ever play. Feel the pressure of hitting an awesome drive right down the middle of the fairway. Not just any fairway, but one surrounded by hazards on all sides because you design the course however you want. That’s right, you can create and play the golf course of your dreams!

This game has it all, there is even a wind mechanic that can effect the final position of your shot. Play solo, play against a friend, play a foursome or even in teams, no matter how you play, no other tabletop dexterity game brings the kind of excitement and strategic decisions that Table Golf Association does.

Everyone is raving about it!  You can see reviews on our social media channels, and just about anywhere board game fans unite.  You will not be disappointed, BE PART OF THE TGA MOVEMENT!

Please note: Due to the wooden materials used in this game, it is possible to receive tiles with minor imperfections (chips or scratches), or rarely slightly warped.  Although we maintain the highest production standards, wood is subject to these effects.  If however, you have severely warped tiles, or 5 or more defective tiles in your order, we will replace them.  We ask you take a picture of the damaged tiles and email us.  Thank you.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 3 × 4 in


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