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Written by first time board game designer John Garcia, he shows you exactly what he did to raise over $200k on a goal of $10k for his game, The Table Golf Association.

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Hello, my name is John Garcia, the designer of the Table Golf Association.

My game is a golf dexterity game that raised over $200k on a goal of $10k on our very first Kickstarter campaign (April/May 2022). Technically it was my second campaign…my first attempt was 11 years ago and I raised a total of $45!

So, how did I, a one-man operation with no track record and no big name company behind me raise $200k, and reach our $10k funding goal in the first hour?

It was a lot of hard work, and I’ve detailed it all here in my Kickstart My Game e-book. The e-book is over 50 pages, and takes you through some of the most critical pieces you need to execute in order to be successful, as we have featured in the book:

1. First Things First – Everything you need to do before you create your Kickstarter campaign.
2. The Pre-Launch – How to properly build your audience and get them ready for your launch.
3. Targeting Your Audience – How to reach the right people to back your game.
4. Landing Page Strategy – How to best convert traffic into engaged and committed backers.
5. Kickstarter Strategy – How to create a Kickstarter page that optimizes pledges.
6. Now What? Taking the next step in your Kickstarter journey.

If you like what you see here, I’m making myself available as your very own Kickstarter Coach. I have a one-hour webinar, that explains what you read in the e-book, and then we can schedule a discovery call to see how I can help you launch a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Once you purchase your e-book, I know you’re serious about the success of your campaign. You’ll get a link to download the e-book and then you can DM me on social media or email and we can schedule your free discovery call.

Thank you considering me, and for making your campaign a priority.


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