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'Easy to Learn...Impossible to Master!'
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As a special thank you for pledging on Day 1 of our Kickstarter campaign, we’d like to offer you a $10 coupon for add-ons, and a bonus 4-pack of TGA balls!

In addition, anyone who pledges for our game will save significantly from the anticipated retail price of the game.  Plus, we hope to unlock unique stretch goals, only for our backers! 

Why Day 1?  The success of any Kickstarter Campaign is heavily influenced by the performance of the campaign on Day 1.  

That is why we are asking you to please pledge on Day 1, and for doing so, we will thank you with a $10 coupon you can use in the pledge manager, 

Keep in mind, if you want this game, this is the best and only guaranteed way to get it.  Click here to follow our Kickstarter campaign page and be notified when we launch! 

Thank you so much for all your support. We can’t wait to see you hit the beach! 

John & Gavin Garcia – Designers of TGA

New Frozen Tundra Expansion!

Now you can play from the mountains, to the prairies, to the ocean…white with foam!  The Frozen Tundra is a 10 double-sided tile expansion for both the Pro and Family Editions.

It comes with two 3D mountains that will act as obstacles or can be used to ricochet your shot into the perfect position.  Plus new frozen lake and pine tree tiles add to the realism and challenges. 

New Stadium Course Expansion!

New Stadium Course comes with 1 New Clubhouse Tile and 9 New Grandstand Tiles.  Available exclusively in our Kickstarter campaign luanching on April 16th! au

Tiles are thicker to act as a backstop for errant shots, and have a non-skid base to keep course tiles in place!

Exclusive Stretch Goals!

We have super awesome stretch goals ready for all our backers as the campaign grows.  At $50k beautiful wooden clubs replace the cardboard cubs.  At $75 your course will look amazing with numbered tee boxes and flags to easily identify each hole on the course. 

At $100k the exciting Sore Losers Expansion with 17 cards to create mayhem on the course. Includes the new ‘Found It!’ card, and a blue TGA Ball! At $125K the Kickstarter Exclusive TGA Backer Ball with Bob Backer.  This will never be sold at retail and is only for KS backers! 

Introducing the Carter Bonas Autism Awareness Expansion!

We are so excited to announce our collaboration with Sports Illustrated Kid of the Year, Carter Bonas of Spectrum Golf.  Carter is high on the autism spectrum, and golf is one of the ways he manages his condition.

Cartier has collaborated with us to design a new ‘Autism Awareness Expansion’,.  A fun and whimsical 7 tile expansion, that will bring a ton of fun to the game.  All profits from this expansion will go to raise funds for his charity.  Family Edition $10 and Pro Edition $15, please add it to your pledge.

4 New Ball Colors!

Please Pledge on Day 1!

We Got Trees!!!!

28 Beautiful new double-sided terrain tiles designed by Rob Terrell

Meeple Beach will introduce all new hitting mechanics and hazards!

We're Bringing the Excitement Back to Game Night!