GenCon ’22 was Amazing!

GenCon ’22 was my first ever visit, and it did not disappoint.  An estimated 70,000 board gamers made there way to Indianapolis to play games 24/7!  It was so exciting to be a part of such an amazing community of creative, diverse, supportive, fun and friendly people.  Everywhere you went, you felt welcomed and like part of one big family.  If you’ve never been I highly recommend it.

We were not an exhibitor this year, but we absolutely will next year!  We did manage to host our TGA Championship Tournament, which had 10 players competing for the coveted TGA cup.  I wanted to list them here as the first ever GenCon competitors:

  • Kyle M
  • Fred P
  • Cristen J
  • Colin W
  • Steven H
  • Gary M
  • Brandon M
  • Chris B
  • Scott H
  • and our Champion Chris C!!!

Our winner Chris almost fell apart on the last hole (no thanks to me when I made him re-hit a shot that I had no business telling him to re-hit…sorry about that Chris!).   Anyway, he still pulled it off and finished the 3-hole Par 12 course at 2 over par for a one stroke lead.  We also raffled a TGA game, and the winner was announced Monday, it was: Scott Hawkins! 

I attached a picture of the winner, along with of a few backers that were on hand playing as well.  This was all possible thanks to all our backers, and continued support.

The game continues to be moving along at a good pace, and we’ll have a production and shipping update soon.

Table Top Golf

TGA Raises $200k on Kickstarter Launch!

For Immediate Release July 13th, 2022 Coral Springs, FL Father and Son duo invent The Table Golf Association, a new golf dexterity tabletop game. First time father and son game