Meeple Mania Games is proud to present the
Table Golf Association

The First Tabletop Game that makes you Feel Like You're Actually Playing Golf!

"This is the dexterity game I've been waiting for!"
~ Stephen Brenner, Facebook Fan Comment

Whether you love golf or not, you’re going to love playing in the TGA. This game will draw you in with its beautiful design and keep you playing for hours with its replay-ability and unique challenges.

Will you have what it takes to make it in the TGA?


30-120 Min

8+ Ages

"Hi guys, loving what you are doing. As a golfer and gamer this fits right into my wheelhouse."
~ Fred Parrow, Facebook Fan

A Game of Skill

The TGA is a first of its kind dexterity game that replicates the game of golf. Rather than the usual dice and card driven mechanics of other golf games, the TGA is a game of skill that makes you feel like you're playing golf.

"I can't wait... I must have this!"
~ Joshua Romeo, Facebook Fan

Summary and Components

Tom Vasel's Pick of the Week!

"This game will be fun for everyone regardless of loving golf or not. Cannot wait to get this game"
~ Jeff Acornley - Email Correspondence

Plays Like Real Golf

Tom Vasel's Pick of the Week!

"Oooohhhh I want one! I want it now!"
~ Koby Gullo, Facebook Fan Comment

How To Play and Reference Card

"Hey, So yeah, I would totally nerd out on this for hours! I am very excited about this, so brilliant!"
~ Mcabre Danse, Instagram Fan Post

Please note: Due to the wooden materials used in this game, it is possible to receive tiles with minor imperfections (chips or scratches), or rarely slightly warped.  Although we maintain the highest production standards, wood is subject to these effects.  If however, you have severely warped tiles, or 5 or more defective tiles in your order, we will replace them.  We ask you take a picture of the damaged tiles and email us.  Thank you.